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In Quebec, the Jean Houde name is synonymous with magnificent homes and impressive architecture. The company’s enviable reputation is built on quality – the cornerstone of Jean Houde’s philosophy! Backed by outstanding design quality, construction techniques and top-notch teamwork, Construction Jean Houde Inc. is committed to making your dreams a reality.

Founded in 1988, Jean Houde Inc. has a strong and growing reputation. Jean Houde puts his heart and soul into every project he takes on. As he puts it, “When my clients are happy, I know I’ve done my job.”

Jean Houde describes the secret of his success in straightforward terms: “A solid reputation boils down to a passion for hard work and honest dealings with clients.”
Jean Houde works hard to earn the trust of his clients and to ensure their complete satisfaction. Building high-quality luxury homes is an intensely passionate challenge that Jean Houde and his team share with all of their clients

Every membre of our team is dedicated to the success of each and every project

It’s our promise to satisfy your needs

Our Team

The concept of teamwork will always be central to Construction Jean Houde’s success. Jean Houde has built a dynamic team that consistently contributes to the succes of each project.

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